How it works

Your own bookkeeper for all tax returns and questions. Everything sorted in one account.

How it works

In short

Manage the administration of your company in your own online account. Your bookkeeper will periodically check your administration, making sure everything is correct. He or she will be responsible for all your tax returns, the annual statement and your income tax return at the end of the year. Your bookkeeper is available all-year-round for support and questions.


Declarations & administration

Submitted on time and financially in order.

Check administration

Sales tax + supplements

Annual accounts

Corporation tax

Dividend Tax

Income tax

Payroll tax

Foreign taxes

30% ruling

Objection procedures



Advice & questions

Your own bookkeeper

The tax expert for your company. One call away.

Ask unlimited questions

Dedicated contact person

Tailor-made tax advice

Access to financial network

Face-to-face consultations


Tool & app

Everything sorted in one account.

Fill in own administration

Add receipts with an app


Results overview

Import bank transactions

Bookkeeper has direct access to information

Send invoices and quotes

Clear deadlines

Archiving business documents

Payslips overview

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