FAQ: new feature bank connection

Activate bank link

How do I activate the bank link?
The bank link can be found under 'Bookkeeping' - 'Bank'. Click on Link your account to start the bank link activation process. You will first be redirected to Ponto, the third party through which the bank transactions are collected. Create an account with Ponto, connect it to the bank you use for your business, and give Founders access to the selected bank accounts. After completing all steps, you will return to your personal accounting environment.

> Already have a Ponto account? Please login using your existing credentials.

Why do you use Ponto?
Ponto supports a wide range of banks. It also has the necessary PSD2 license that makes your bank feed digitally available to third parties. Please note that this is only possible with the explicit permission of the account holder.

> Check here to see if your bank is supported by Ponto.

How often do I need to issue an authorization?
For security reasons, your Ponto account will ask you to re-authorize every 90 days. You’ll receive a reminder for this in your Founders banking feed 30 days in advance. Make sure you always re-authorize in time, to prevent manual changes from being deleted.

What are the costs for the bank link?
The costs for linking the first bank account are included in your annual fee at Founders. If you want to link additional bank accounts, you pay €5 per month per linked account.

I can’t / can no longer find my bank transactions in my dashboard.
Possible reasons:

  • You forgot to complete your account in Ponto after linking your bank account.
  • You didn’t select all the bank accounts you wanted to link. You can adjust this in your Ponto account by selecting your bank accounts under the 'Integrations' tab.
  • You haven’t renewed your authorization in time. You can do this in your Ponto account, under the 'Accounts' tab.
  • If your transactions still aren’t visible after checking the above, please send an email to support@founders.nl. We’re more than happy to help.


Process transactions

How many transactions can be matched automatically?
The number of transactions that can be automatically linked depends on the correctness of the data that’s submitted into the administration. The more similarities the bank link can find using the submitted data, the more transactions immediately will result in a 'match'.

How can I see which transactions still need to be processed?
Transactions that are automatically matched are coloured blue. Transactions in process don’t have a colour yet. You can use the filters to only see transactions that have the status 'unprocessed'.

How can I manually link a transaction?
Open the transaction you want to link and search for the corresponding entry in the overview. Use the slider to sort by 'best match'. The entries with the most similarities will then be placed at the top. Click Match to process the transaction. Manually linked transactions are coloured green.

The corresponding receipt is not (yet) submitted in my administration.
It’s possible to instantly translate a transaction to an entry in your income or expenses overview. Open the transaction and click Add Income or Add Expense. The booking opens in a separate screen to allow you to fill in any missing data and to add the corresponding document. After adding, the booking is immediately entered into your administration and linked to the transaction.

The transaction can’t be linked because it can’t be categorized as income or expenses.
In this case, it’s possible to manually assign the transaction to a category, so it will still appear as ‘processed’ in your transaction overview. Open the transaction and click Choose another category. Select the correct category and provide a description if necessary. If you want to undo this, please click on the selected category again and the transaction can be linked anew.

How can I link multiple receipts or invoices to a single transaction?
Open the transaction and find the first entry you would like to match. Click it and select Search another income or Search another expense. Using this option, select all the entries that belong to this transaction and finally click Match to process the transaction.

How can I link multiple transactions to a single receipt or invoice?Open the first transaction you want to link and process it manually. Because the amount doesn’t correspond to the amount of the transaction it will be marked red. Now click the next transaction you want to process, and find the corresponding receipt or invoice. The icon indicates that it’s already linked to a different transaction. Process this transaction as well. In the overview you will see that both transactions have now coloured red.

How can I unmatch a transaction?
There are two ways to unmatch a transaction. Either by clicking Unmatch, found under ‘Actions’ in the transaction overview, or by opening the linked transaction and clicking on the link icon in the entry row. 

I have a credit invoice in my administration. How should I process this?
The bank link will automatically process a positive amount as income and negative amounts as expenses. In the case of a credit invoice, this is of course exactly the other way around. Open the transaction you want to process, and click on Search  expenses or Search  income in the search bar on the right to switch to the correct overview of receipts and invoices.

I have a transaction that belongs to an invoice from a previous year. How should I process this?
You process this transaction by categorizing it manually. Select the transaction and click Choose different category. Then select the category 'Payments from previous year' and provide a description.