FAQ: new feature bank connection

How do I connect my bank using Ponto?

When you’re at the dashboard, go to the Bookkeeping page. After clicking the tab “Bank” (between ‘Expenses’ and ‘Deadlines’), you can start connecting your bank to Ponto. Click ‘Connect your bank account’ and follow the steps in Ponto to connect your bank account to the dashboard. See image.

FAQ: new feature bank connection

ATTENTION!  When registering your Ponto account, make sure you activate the account within 72 hours. After 72 hours your Ponto account will be deleted and so will your bank connection.

Can I connect any bank account to Ponto?

You can only connect business bank accounts. It’s not possible to connect a personal bank account.

What are the costs for the bank connection with Ponto?

The costs are 5 euros ex vat per bank account per month. The amount will be added on to your quarterly invoice automatically.

What is Ponto?

Ponto is a bridge maker between Founders and your bank accounts. By connecting your Ponto account to our software, you can share your bank’s transaction records automatically with our software. This saves you time whilst doing the books. Check this out if you want to know more about Ponto.

What banks are supported by Ponto?

Ponto is a solution by Isabel Group and is licenced by the Nationale Bank (National Bank of Belgium) to process bank transactions. Want to know if your bank is supported? Click here.

I can’t see my bank transactions (anymore) in my dashboard.

If you’re unable to see the bank transactions in the dashboard it could be because of one of the following reasons:

  • You forgot to activate your Ponto account.
  • You tried to connect multiple accounts and forgot to check one or several bank account(s) during the onboarding.
    In this example only the Placeat account is checked.
FAQ: new feature bank connection
FAQ: new feature bank connection
  • You can change this by signing into Ponto and connecting the bank account(s) in Founders in the tab ‘Integrations’

You didn’t extend your authorization. Ponto has to be reauthorized every 90 days. You can do this by signing into your Ponto account, selecting your bank account(s) and clicking the 2nd symbol:


FAQ: new feature bank connection

If you still have issues regarding this problem, please reach out to us via support@founders.nl so we can get you sorted.

How do I undo the bank connection?

You can undo the connetion with your bank account easily by following these steps:

  • If you’re at the ‘Bank’ page, click ‘Settings’
FAQ: new feature bank connection
  • Continue by clicking ‘Undo connection’
FAQ: new feature bank connection
  • Your bank account is not connected to Founders anymore. The final month you’re charged with the bank connection is the month you undid the connection.

How do I delete my account with Ponto?

To delete your Ponto account, you first have to sign into Ponto. You will land on this page:


FAQ: new feature bank connection

Now click your company name and click ‘My Profile’:

FAQ: new feature bank connection

Scroll down and click ‘Delete’:

FAQ: new feature bank connection

Your account is now deleted!